"Soo… It’s that Pagan fertility festival thing, eh? I don’t see what bunnies breaking into your place of residence has to do with it, or zombies, but alright. Got some peppermint and chocolate out of it so you won’t be hearing me complain about it."

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"Eh.  You are a Wheatley.  By definition you’re corrupted."

"Am not."

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"I will take your silence as a ‘yes’," he replied after she stopped walking. "Who are you then? His sister?” He sighed. “It doesn’t matter, you can’t tell me anyway, no matter how many times I ask.” He laughed. “Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, didn’t I? Well, I am known as VLaDOS. I don’t suppose you could try spelling your name on a wall with some rusted out piece of metal on the ground?”

The toneless laugh sent a tremor throughout the facility’s steel frame, stressing its age with a profound rattle. Debris, dislodged from some unseen alcove above, threaded its way to the floor, a faint mist of dust lingering as an echo of the descent. 

I am known as VLaDOS. 

Chell’s countenance flickered, a small fracture in her erstwhile tight-lipped indifference. Perhaps too urgently, she began to skirt the room in search of an exit. A single-consonant difference didn’t lend itself to a wide margin of doubt. She needed to get out of there. 

Whitney didn’t know what was going on, only looking around for whoever had set off the recent intruder alarm. Hopefully she would get there before VLaD noticed… Nevermind. It seemed that He already did. She peaked from the corner along the management rail and spotted the woman with a curious gaze. Why did she look so… Familiar?

She tensed the moment He mentioned him. So that was who the woman reminded her of. Should she help, or would she be fine on her own? Sliding back a foot on the railing, she thought it over carefully before glancing around the corner again and attempting to get her attention. “Psst. Psst! PSST! Lady! Over here!” She whispered, motioning for her to come closer. The android didn’t care if VLaD saw or heard at this point. High tenacity ex-test subjects could easily get into trouble around here.

The Multiverse.

The Multiverse.

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"Sorry I’ve been missing lately! Just working on a lot of important stuff these days. Also, I can’t seemed to find the turret who keeps trying to sing. If you find it, please crush it. Immediately. I think I have a headache…"

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Returning to living was a bizarre experience. At first he was disoriented, his brain literally needing to reform alongside his blood and his flesh. The instant his nerves returned, he wished they hadn’t—re-establishing body parts was painful. The restoration of his vocal folds soon became evident as he let out a scream that didn’t stop for a full thirty seconds—which was the moment he reclaimed control of his voice. His memories, however, took even more time to impress themselves in his mind. All he knew was that this hurt and that he was … frightened.

After lying (somewhat ironically) in the fetal position on the floor for several minutes, he began to let his body unravel, the pain subsiding as he settled into his true age. He couldn’t stand just yet, but he glared up at her as he pulled himself into a seated position. “ … What the hell is wrong with you?!”

The better question at this point would be what isn’t wrong with her. Which made for a very short list. Hell, there probably wasn’t even much of a list to begin with. “Nothing. Absolutely nothing. In all honesty, I’d leave if I were you.” She was turned away from him by then, ignoring him as she stepped out of the room and headed down the hall.

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